It is customary for every school in Norway to have a janissary music school band or brass-band. Haug Musikkorps was founded in 1984 with the objectives of creating music, and contributing to good friendship and wholesome leisure-time activities. The band is adapted to persons with special needs and is open for everybody who wants to play in a band. The band is a member of The Norwegian Band Federation. Our criterions for persons wanting to play in the band is: Have a desire to play in the band. Originally, the band had 35 musicians, and throughout our history, a total of 100 persons have been musicians in the band. Today the band consists of one main-conductor, one assistant conductor, three supporting players and 20 musicians. Henning Bøgh is (and has always been) our conductor. He has a unique system for conducting using hand-signs. The musicians do not have to learn how to use notes, but only follow the conductor’s signs. But traditional note/music training is also offered for those interested. The social aspect of being together has made us all good friends. Many of the musicians have been participating from the beginning. After some time we got our musical supporting players. With their help the musical expressiveness of the band has been raised to a new level. The discipline and skill of the supporting players have been a great inspiration for our musicians. It is a case of reversed integration that has been a good experience for all of us. Several supporting players have also acted as assisting conductors. Several students from the Norwegian Ac ademy of Music have been helping us, and thereby gained valuable experience for their studies. The band has always made an effort to be visible in the local environment. We have had concerts in churches, festivals, Christmas-arrangements, representations, and in participation with other bands and choirs. We have travelled a lot and have concerts in France , Spain and on The Faroe Islands. Our repertoire has always been specially arranged for this band, but its basis can be found in popular music as well as traditional janissary music.